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  1. uzumakinoai Jan 29, 2007

    +++ haruchan +++
    aktually.... i really hav no idea wat songs are by the pussykat dolls... i mean... i no them wen i hear them... but i jus dont no wat their titles are ^^''''' ehh! mai mom likes that song too haha ^^
    m.i.a. ^^

  2. norine07 Jan 28, 2007

    odeena-san: i love your wallie, i'll go comment hhaax..! ^^ oh i dun noe where it's from but i'll help you search for the anime..! ^^

    mia-chan: i like pushing up my buttons, their lastest song XD hahax..! how about u?

  3. uzumakinoai Jan 28, 2007

    +++ haruchan +++
    haha wats yr favorite song from them?

    +++ oden-jousama +++
    um... im too young to drink sake.... hei but i wont tell if you wont tell XD! wheeee! ramennnn! whooooooooo! haha! you no odenjousama.... you really like using thos... multi-kolored backgrounds ^^ theyr really nice ^^
    m.i.a. ^^

  4. Odeena Jan 27, 2007

    @mia-chan: Hontouni? Sugooooi! Maybe we can meet in Japan and have some ramen and sake together, eh? That would be really great! XD

    @norine-chan: Arigatou :D Glad you like them! New one coming up right away!

    ~@ Innocence Lost @~

    ...By the way, does anyone know which series this girl is from? Norine-chan, she looks a little like the girl in your sig... help? *blinkblink*

  5. norine07 Jan 26, 2007

    mia-chan: hahax..! yup..! they're good..! ^^

    odeena-san: i love your wallies..! they are really well made..! ^^ thanks for sharing..! ^^

  6. uzumakinoai Jan 26, 2007

    +++ missyg +++
    oh hahaha! got it ^^

    +++ haru-chan +++
    hao hav you bin? ^^ you listen to the pussykat dolls?

    +++ lucas-hime +++
    hao hav you bin? =D whaaaaaaaaaaa! yr wall looks sooooo nice! i really lov the blood splatters XD!

    +++ kykyopj-san +++
    hai hai! its good to hear from you again =D!

    +++ oden-jousama +++
    whaaaaaaaaa! its bin so longgggggg! yr goin to japan!?!?!?!?! thats soooo awesome! i signed up to be an exchange student for the summer so hopefully i get picked ^^ awww awesome! i really like faithful memory ^^ yr characters look so cool!
    m.i.a. ^^

  7. Odeena Jan 25, 2007

    Hi guys! Gosh, it's been... how long? ...too long, I'd say ^_^' Gomennasai... real life has been a real pain [or rather, 'royal' pain I should say :(], but thankfully all is well now - I'm moving to Japan in April, to study there, and that's all I need to know :)

    Moving on. I see the group has got a new layout! I have to say... I liked the previous one a lot, but this one is OK, too. Gokuroasama~! ;)

    As for my latest wallpapers ~

    ~[ Faithful Memory ]~

    Yagami Light | God of a New World

    See you guys around! Hopefully I'll be more active from now on ;)

  8. norine07 Jan 23, 2007

    hahax..! hiie..! ^^

  9. kykyopj Jan 23, 2007

    Hi! Just stoped by for a visit! I did promis to come around from time to time ^_^
    I like the new skin.
    Well, I'll see you later.

  10. norine07 Jan 22, 2007

    lacus-san, lovely work..! >.< nice one i shall go comment..! hahax..! i guess you can say we are doing good, but recently all the members have pooff and dissappeared..! so yeah..! hope everyone is doing fine..! ^^

  11. PinkPrincessLacus Jan 21, 2007

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dang love the update :D Sweet lookin, oh love the new banner sooo cool, but sadly it wont work on my walls with that new bbcode so I always now use ITO group avy in my submissions hope that helps some spread the love. So sorries been absent, whats up and new? I've talked to Uchi some but miss the others *hugs*.

    My Newest Wallie: One Shot .:[Dedicated to: Kaisui1tatsu]:.

    oh and before i forget to post it again lol my newest work and i tried somin different so yay I hope you all like it XD,

    ~* Lacus *~

  12. norine07 Jan 21, 2007

    mia-chan: hiya welcome back..! ^^ hee hee..! oh homework? ic..! miss ya much much..!

    miss-g: hahax..! well about pussycat dolls..! ^^ yup..! love the songs..!

    merged: 01-21-2007 ~ 09:30pm
    on the icon? i think it's suppose to be a abstract art.

  13. MissyG Jan 21, 2007

    Quote by uzumakinoaimissy-g
    mm... let me think on that k? thers an icon for ito? hehe ^^'' didnt no that ^^;;
    m.i.a. ^^

    Well you see, below my own signature, you can see the small ignature/icon of Ignore-the-others group. I think it's supposed to be... someone's chin!? o__o

  14. uzumakinoai Jan 21, 2007

    +++ haruchan +++
    aiya sorry i havnt bin here in a while! i got all backed up on mai homework so.... yeahh ;_; but im here right nao ^^

    mm... let me think on that k? thers an icon for ito? hehe ^^'' didnt no that ^^;;
    m.i.a. ^^

  15. MissyG Jan 20, 2007

    ...I'm still here ;_; (I guess?)
    Anyone have any music suggestion for me? =o I just deleted all my 591 songs I HAD on my computer... and I miss them so bad.
    I'm into rock/punk(not too emo... maybe a bit... okay forget that, make it emo but not too screamy) and some pop (no technopop, electric and stuffs).
    Non japanese/asian please! Suggestions? :D

    BTW! What's the Ignore-the-Others icon supposed to look like? o_o I can't see what it is >_>

  16. norine07 Jan 15, 2007

    mia-chan: hahax..! background picture..! ^^ hee hee..!

    merged: 01-19-2007 ~ 10:14pm
    no one here?

    merged: 01-21-2007 ~ 12:20am

  17. uzumakinoai Jan 15, 2007

    +++ farewell-san +++
    oh im soooo sorry o.O! but ther is no doubt that you are a most handsome mann ^^ speaking of handsom men... wher has uchisama bin...? [assuming he is as handsom as he says....] the layout looks so cute! =D i noticed like having girls shown ne? the green layout had.. a pretty girl... an now.... thers a cute girl ^^

    +++ missyg-san +++
    welkom ^^ please enjoy yrself here an hav funn!

    +++ oriya-san +++
    good luck on yr exams ><!

    +++ haruchan +++
    wats a bg...? ^^'''
    m.i.a. ^^

  18. norine07 Jan 13, 2007

    hahax..! well i gues because the group does not have a BG ..! ^^ hahax..! cause it's more easier to maintain..! ^^ hahax..!

    farewell-san: hee hee maybe you wanna do something about it hahax..! oh and one more thing you know bellow the ITO banner, the link [url]... blah blah blah, it made the page stretched..! >.< i suggest you put his code in the group page..! ^^
    <div class="outer"><div class="inner"> and do not clse it..! ^^ yup..! ^^

    oriya-san: hahax..! good luck..! ^^

    miss-g: hahax..! welcome welcome..! ^^ sorry the group is a little dead everyone is sort of busy..! >.< but if you just stay active everyone will come back soon enough, so hold on..! ^^ and of course you can make friends here, why not..! ^^

  19. MissyG Jan 13, 2007

    Quote by Farewelllol. is like that..

    So my browser doesn't suck then, wheeee~

  20. Oriya Jan 13, 2007

    sorry guys I'll out for some time, now I have exams -_-'

  21. Farewell Jan 13, 2007

    lol. is like that..

  22. MissyG Jan 12, 2007

    This sure seem to be an interesting group, I hope I can make some friends here or something :D
    I like the layout, but not sure if it's loading completely for me >.> I can see the brown color in the boxes and such... but nothing special at the navigator and the background. Is it supposed to look like that or does my browser suck? n___n
    See you guys/gals around~
    (No, I never use the term gals ever >_>)

  23. norine07 Jan 12, 2007

    hahax..! wats going on people..! oh i love the new layout farewell-san..! ^^ good job..! ^^

    mia-chan: hahax..! yup pita-ten is just so cute..! >.< hee hee..!

    kabura-chan: oh..! >.< wat wrong timeing..! >.< hope your okie..! >.< hahax..! wallies and doujins are good..? hee hee thanks though i wouldn't really say so myself..! >.< there are people like lacus-san who are so much better..! >.< hee hee..!

  24. Farewell Jan 12, 2007

    sup ppl?
    new layout. i was tired of green.. i mean.. new layout simple and clean for this new year. like it? hate it? changes? I try to do want i can.

    AND for uzumakinoai *lol* im not a girl.. dont worry no hard feelings, glad u know that im a handsome man. :P

    Well, till later. cya.

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